About us

The history of TWINSHOCK-CNC begins with an 80cc bike, not a Honda MTX or Yamaha DT but a BSM RD80-SE, a bike "Made in Germany" - a true exotic and off-roader, worth a story in and of itself. The next logical step was a Maico GM-Star 500 which had to serve as a commuter-bike and unfortunately sometimes the bus. Corresponding experience in repair and maintenance therefore was unavoidable.

With the acquisition of a small collection of Maicos in need of TLC came the entry into the Twinshock scene. If you order 10 pairs
of fork seals instead of a pair, people get curious and contacts are made quickly. And while you're at it, you can of course make the one or the other part extra and take to swap. So it went from the making of parts for personal use to a small supplier. The quality also seemed to convince the well-known names of the scene to distribute the parts. Needless to say, many Twinshock-racers demanded improved parts, and things like the enlarged Maico front hub were made.


A new chapter began when a Husqvarna enthusiast from the area joined in and was instantly on fire. The Husqvarna spark jumped over and the current name TWINSHOCK-CNC was born.